Don Juan Archiv Wien International Symposia Series
Ottoman Empire & European Theatre V
Istanbul 13. - 14. June 2013


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Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Opening Ceremony                        M. Özalp Birol 
                                                            (General Manager, Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation Culure and Art Enterprises)

Message of Helga Dostal

Michael Hüttler (Don Juan Archiv Wien)

Exc. Klaus Wölfer
(Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Ankara) 

Message of Exc. Ayşe Sezgin
(Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Vienna)

Paul Jenewein
(Consul General of the Republic of Austria)

                                                            Message of Cemal Öztaş
(Grand National Assembly of Turkey)

Günsel Renda (Koc University)

                                                            İlber Ortaylı (Galatasaray University)

Suna Suner (Don Juan Archiv Wien)






Coffee Break



Session I                                            “The Two Empires I”

Holy Roman Empire – Ottoman Empire

Brussels (1534-1550, 1686), Kostantiniyye (1556-1562, 1700) & Vienna (1699)

Chair:                                                 Zeynep İnankur (Istanbul - Mimar Sinan University)

1. Dirk Van Waelderen (Brussels/Leuven)   

Thurn and Taxis and the Orient: Manifestations of the exotic in Brussels during the sixteenth and seventeenth Centuries (1534-1550, 1686)

2.  Mikael Bøgh Rasmussen (Copenhagen – The Danish National Art Library)      

Recognition and appropriation. Descriptions of the Ottoman Empire in text and image by two members of the imperial embassy of 1556-1562

3. Ralf Martin Jäger (Münster - Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität)
Places for the intercultural exchange of music? The embassies of İbrahim Paşa to Vienna and Graf Wolfgang von Oettingen to Kostantiniyye in 1699 and 1700

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Session II                                           ”The Two Empires II”

Holy Roman Empire / Austrian Empire – Ottoman Empire
Vienna (1748, 1755, 1833-1838)

Chair:                                                    Seyfi Kenan (Istanbul – Marmara University)



1. Evelyn Denham (Cambridge - Cambridge University)

Permanent neighbors, exceptional friends: Diplomatic ceremony during Mustafa Hatti Efendi’s mission to Vienna in 1748


2. Zeynep İnankur (Istanbul - Mimar Sinan University)
Fethi Ahmed Pasha (1801–1858) and his role as a cultural intermediary (1833-1838)

3. Tatjana Marković (Belgrade/Vienna - Austrian Academy of Sciences)

     Opera as a diplomatic gift to Montenegrin Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš I (1894)

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Session III              “In the South of Europe – The Historic Italian States”
Republic of Venice – Venice (1571)
Grand Duchy of Tuscany – Egypt (1681) and Kostantinniye (1703-1717)
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies – Messina & Naples (1741–1742)

Chair:                     Nedret Kuran Burçoğlu (Istanbul – Yeditepe University)



1. Stefan Hanß (Berlin - Freie Universität)
“The Catholic ambassador will sing the Mass”. Ambassadorial service and Venetian festivities after the Battle of Lepanto (1571)

2. Davide Baldi (Florence)

The Florentine Alessandro Pini (1653-1717): from scientist and spy to be hypnotized by Turkey

3. Suna Suner (Vienna - Don Juan Archiv Wien)

The First Ottoman Envoy to Naples (1741): Hacı Hüseyin Efendi and the Messina  Issue

4. Rosita D‘Amora (Lecce - Università del Salento)

The Ministro del Gran Signore and the wondrous beast: Two special guests at the court of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in 1741 and 1742

18:30 onwards

Symposium Dinner



Friday, June 14th, 2013



Session IV              “In the Southwest and West of Europe”
Kingdom of France – Paris (1669-1670, 1787-1793) & Kostantiniyye
Kingdom of Spain – Kostantiniyye (1784) & Madrid (1787)

Chair:                     Michael Hüttler (Vienna – Don Juan Archiv Wien)


1.   David Chataignier (Oxford - Oxford University-Voltaire Foundation)
Süleyman Ağa’s embassy in France as portrayed
in rhymed gazettes (1669-1670): Perception and depiction

2. Pablo Hernández Sau (Seville - Universidad Pablo de Olavide)
The cultural production associated with the embassies of Gabriel de Aristizábal (1784) and Ahmet Vasıf Efendi (1787) embassies. The significance of Spanish-Ottoman gift embassies in European strategies.

3. Karim Ben Smida (Tübingen - Eberhard Karls University)

Between Paris and the Bosporus. Diplomatic and cultural correlations in the early years of the French Revolution (1787–1793)



Coffee Break       


Session V               “In the Northwest of Europe”
Kingdom of Great Britain – London & Kostantiniyye (1588-1599, 1793-1800)

Chair:                      Bent Holm (Copenhagen – University of Copenhagen)



1. Florian Kühnel (Berlin - Humboldt Universität)
Cultural transfer in diplomatic gift exchange - Anglo-Ottoman diplomacy around 1600 (1588-1599)

2.  Mehmet Alaaddin Yalçınkaya (Trabzon - Karadeniz Technical University)
The cultural role of ambassadors in Ottoman-British Diplomatic Relations (1793–1800)



Lunch Break        



Session VI              “In the North of Europe”
Kingdom of Sweden – Stockholm (1658-1745)
Kingdom of Denmark – Barbary States (1753) & Copenhagen (1757)

Chair:                     Günsel Renda (Istanbul – Koç University)

1. Karin Ådahl (Stockholm)

Sweden and the Ottoman world – Diplomatic relations and art from the seventeenth to thenineteenth centuries (1658-1745)

2. Bent Holm (Copenhagen - University of Copenhagen)

Stagings and strategies. Diplomatic relations between Denmark and the Ottoman Empire in the eighteenth centuries (1753, 1757)


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Session VII            “In the North of Central Europe”
Kingdom of Prussia – Berlin (1763-1764, 1784-1817)
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – Warsaw (1777–1778) & Kostantiniyye (1789–1792)

Chair:                      Suna Suner (Vienna - Don Juan Archiv Wien)

1. Abdullah Güllüoğlu (Berlin – Freie Universität)

A Costume Album Depicting an Ottoman Delegation to Berlin 1763-1764

2. Hacer Topaktaş (Ankara - Hacettepe University)
Gifting through diplomats: Cases of the last Ottoman (Numan Enis Bey, 1777–1778) and Polish (Franciszek Piotr Potocki, 1789-1792) extraordinary envoys

3. Lela Gibson (Los Angeles - University of California)

Ambassadors as intellectuals: Prussian-Ottoman knowledge exchange, 1784 - 1817








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